• Relaxation Therapy
  • Relaxation is a state where you feel calm and able to manage day-to-day life. With the current hectic lifestyle and high stress levels in all areas of your life, this can be difficult.

    Stress can affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and how we react and behave. We are not always able to avoid stress but learning to manage stress is the key!

    Here, at We Positive Parenting, our professionals guide you into a state of relaxation through guided deep breathing, music, visualization techniques to help you release pent up stress from your body and to feel an increased sense of wellbeing.

  • Affirmation Therapy
  • Words have extreme power. When you communicate, your words can not only influence others, but can also transform your internal state on a deep and meaningful level.

    Affirmations are powerful, positive statements that aim to direct your conscious and subconscious mind, challenging previously held unhealthy and negative thinking patterns.

    Through affirmation therapy, our professionals help you identify major blocks in your thinking and guide you to create positive self affirming statements to bring meaningful changes in your life as well as to build confidence within yourself.

  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Everyone has an inner child. For most of us, our childhood included both joyful and painful experiences.

    If you experienced neglect, trauma, or other emotional pain, your inner child might seem small, vulnerable, and in need of protection. You may have buried this pain deep to hide it and protect yourself — both your present self and the child you once were. Hiding pain doesn’t heal it.

    Instead, it often surfaces in your adult life, showing up as distress in personal relationships or difficulty meeting your own needs.

    Working to heal your inner child can help you address some of these issues.

    Healing your inner child can take time and we are here with you to help you do that.

  • Art Therapy
  • Art therapy, also known as expressive therapy, uses art as a means of communication and lets you explore and express your emotions and thoughts.

    And the good news is that you don’t need to be very creative or artistic to take up this therapy.

    At We Positive Parenting, we understand the importance of having fun through different forms of art while using it to address and understand some concerns that you may have been experiencing.

  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy is often confused with relaxation therapy, however relaxation is just one of the outcomes of practicing mindfulness.

    Through this therapy, we focus on increasing your awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that hinder your progress. When you are better able to do that, you can choose how to respond to any situation or challenges.

    Our aim is to help you cultivate mindfulness in your day to day life to feel fulfilled and connected to yourself as well as your family.