• Individual Personalized Guidance for Parents and Children
  • Being a parent can be the most rewarding experience you go through, but can also be the most taxing. With the number of parenting books available (each claiming to have found the one perfect way to raise your child), it is easy to become overwhelmed.

    We believe that when parents and children are equipped with the knowledge of how to resolve their own personal differences, they are able to turn their full attention to maintaining, growing, or restoring harmony in their family.

    Hence, we are committed to providing one-on-one customized sessions to parents and children to provide them with knowledge, guidance, tools, and emotional support, all without judgment or bias.

    We help you understand your personal experiences, map a customized plan of action for you and support you at every step as you learn to inculcate healthy changes in your behaviour and your family environment.

  • Marital and Family Counselling
  • One of the most important connections between humans is the one between them and their families. No family is without problems, arguments, and stress. We believe that each family is unique in their strengths, their challenges, their concerns, their family environment as well as their family history.

    Through family counselling, we help families retain a sense of unity and wholeness during difficult times and periods of change. Marital counselling is also provided as an option for couples looking to resolve some differences between them and strengthen their marital relationship.

    It’s easy for stressors and disagreements to get in the way of the communication needed to resolve conflicts between couples or families.

    We provide a space that is needed to share your concerns and issues with each other in a safe, confidential space, where everyone can be heard.

  • Guidance in Pregnancy Care
  • Pregnancy is often regarded with excitement, but no matter how eagerly a child’s birth is anticipated, stress and other forms of doubts, anxiety, confusion are still likely to occur during the challenging period of pregnancy.

    Pregnancy issues may be mild or serious, but they can affect the health of the mother or child, put strain on the couple’s relationship, and lead to life changes, both predictable and unpredictable.

    The transition to parenthood can result in “a lot of joy mixed in with loss and fear.” At We Positive, we guide pregnant women and to-be-parents through these conflicting emotions, help them take care of their mental health while the baby is still in the womb as well as provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance for each month of their pregnancy.

    But it’s not just for soon-to-be moms—it’s also great for couples and for families who are a part of this journey and are experiencing collective transition.

  • Guidance during family planning