Easy to Connect Process

  • Initial contact through call, whatsapp, social media
  • Intake session – Understanding the unique challenges being faced by your family
  • Identifying Problem Areas through specific questions
  • Communicating our understanding of your concerns
  • Goal setting by prioritizing your pressing concerns
  • Building your awareness through encouraging reflection
  • Resource building – utilizing your family’s strengths as well as providing a new set of tools
  • Giving Homework in between the sessions pertaining to the concern discussed in the session
  • Sending follow up email with suggestions and reminders for daily practice

Every consequent session begins with a recap of what we spoke in the previous session as well as your experience of trying our suggestions and the challenges faced by you. Then focus is on building upon the insights and brainstorming creative, customized suggestions for you to practice and try in your families.

We generally prefer to have atleast 5 sessions with parents for you to see some kind of change and results. We believe that it is a process and it takes consistency and practice to get any kind of long term results. We also tend to include children and other family members in the process, if necessary so as to provide you with personalized solution strategies for the concerns unique to your family.