Manage Additional Responsibilities

Learn to deal with new feelings and be a better parent with We Positive!


The feeling of parenthood, just after delivery can be overwhelming for many. Couples can’t really deal with the additional responsibilities during the first year after childbirth. You have to realign every aspect of your life, excel at maintaining work-life balance and ensure that the baby doesn’t affect your tuning with your partner.

We Positive Postnatal concept allows mothers to deal with her emotions after childbirth and deal with the difficulties of being a new mother. At the same time, our concept enlightens fathers to manage additional responsibilities effectively and learn to be more supportive and participative in the parenting process.


We Positive, Will Help You In

  • Preparing yourself for the motherhood

  • Taking care of the child effectively

  • Deal with stress, anxiety and psychological issues

  • Discover your new personality as a parent

  • Handle your baby’s specific needs and tantrums on your own


For The Mother

Our structured assistance program will help you as a mother in reclaiming lost confidence in life and also dealing with postpartum depression.

We Positive also help you deal with insecurities associated with childbirth. You might be conscious about your fitness or body shape, or you might be feeling excessive stress as your partners/in-laws might not be helping you in parenting.


For The Father

Being a father is a matter of pride for anyone. In Indian homes, father is seen as the head of the family, donning many hats and taking care of everyone. Changing dynamics of the Indian families and demanding careers can make someone who has just become a father can get confused on how to deal with the financial and moral load of being a father.

With your work at one side, your partner on another, it can become quite confusing on how to balance everything well.

At We Positive, our mentors will help you deal with increased anxiety of being a parent and give you the guidance and support you’ve been looking for.

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