Manage the Changing Dynamics with your Child

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By the time children celebrates their 10th birthday, they learn a lot about oneself, the world and their parent’s expectations. It is also a time when they start exploring individualistic interests and inculcating a sense of responsibility, within.

The preteen stage is a crucial juncture in the growth of a child as he/she is heavily influenced by the people around- friends, family members and the world, in general. Both positive and negative influence and peer pressure have a lot of impact on what the child will feel and believe in the coming years. Also, the physical changes due to puberty start to kick in, especially among girls.

This is a very critical time for you as a parent and things can get out of hand soon if you do not pay attention. The preteen concept is designed to help you manage the changing dynamics of your relationship with your child.


With We Positive, You Will Learn To

  • Accept your child as an individual entity

  • Learn to understand his/her aspirations and goals

  • Form a strong bond with your child

  • Prepare your child for excessive peer pressure

  • Teach him about physical changes in the body, comfortably

  • Balance your focus on child’s needs and your professional goals

  • Spend more time with your child

Our preteen guidance experts will mentor you on how to deal with issues that haunt most of the parents in India. You will learn how to manage your expectations and make your child aware of the things he/she should be ready before hitting the teenage.

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