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During the primer stage, your child learns a lot of new things in life. By this time, he/she has started to settle in his school routine, learn to play by himself/herself. Some children even learn to dress themselves by this age. The newfound independence and growing sense of individuality pave the way for several unique challenges at this stage.

Children start giving more importance to their own routines- everything becomes critical, their friends, studies, even their play hours. Several parents are quite perplexed on how to manage their child’s energy levels at this stage and channelize his independence in the right direction.


With We Positive, You Will Learn To

  • Give attention to his changing emotions and thought process

  • Motivate your child to take up some recreational activity

  • Support your child in his/her effort to discover own personality

  • Talk to your child freely about school, friends, and other things

  • Set clear rules and discipline for managing his/her behavior easily

  • Develop a sense of responsibility in your child’s and your own life

Often, by this stage, parents start getting easy on their children- they spend much less time with the child. That can cause troubles in the future as your child starts believing you are not available and his/her problems does not matter for you. With the help of our experts, you will learn how to manage your child’s expectations and create a lifelong bond of friendship with your child, right from this stage.

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