Spearheaded by Asha Vaghasia, We Positive is a unique way of transforming yourself into a better parent. We Positive focuses on helping you manage the changing dynamics of your lifestyle as you transform from a person to a parent.

At We Positive, we believe that the core of any discord between a child and a parent is the result of the unwillingness to accept the child as an individual entity. Often parents forget to see a child as a person with his/her own aspirations and life purpose that causes problems in their relationship.


Our Story

We Positive Studio has been the result of over nine years of diligent research and analysis of the issues and stress faced by modern parents.

We Positive Parenting emerged out of the lack of parenting resources to deal with the challenges and changes in life as one becomes a parent. After evaluating the need gap in the Indian society, Asha focused on creating a holistic ecosystem where parents can learn, improve and evolve their lives.


About the Founder

Asha Vaghasia

Asha Vaghasia is a qualified parental counselor certified under career-oriented program (COP) from St. Xaviers and Yale University. She is committed to breaking the monotony around conventional parenting practices.

Asha, as a parent herself and an authority over parenting issues, built a unique world where parents can understand the importance of achieving a balance between personal aspirations and the needs of their growing children.

Be a Better Parent with We Positive Parenting