Our counselling services cater to different needs & concerns for parents, children, couples and families. We provide a space that is needed to share your concerns and issues with us in a safe, confidential space, where everyone can be heard. We offer:

Individual Personalized Guidance for Parents and Children

We believe that when parents and children are equipped with the knowledge of how to resolve their own personal differences, they are able to turn their full attention to maintaining, growing, or restoring harmony in their family. We help you and your child understand your personal experiences, map a customized plan of action for you and support you at every step as you learn to inculcate healthy changes in your behaviour and your family environment.

Couple and Family Counselling

It’s easy for stressors and disagreements to get in the way of the communication needed to resolve conflicts between couples or families.Through family counselling, we help families retain a sense of unity and wholeness during difficult times and periods of change. Couple counselling is also provided as an option for couples looking to resolve conflicts and differences between them to strengthen their marital relationship.

Alternative Therapies

At We Positive, we believe in holistic wellness and provide a range of alternative therapies for your overall sense of well being. Through these therapies, we help you connect with your mind, body and soul in refreshing ways for you to build a deeper relationship with yourself and experience fulfilling relationships with people in your life. Some alternative therapies we provide are:

Relaxation Therapy

Here, at We Positive Parenting, our professionals guide you into a state of relaxation through guided deep breathing, music, visualization techniques to help you release pent up stress from your body and to feel an increased sense of wellbeing.

Affirmation Therapy

Through affirmation therapy, our professionals help you identify major blocks in your thinking and guide you to create positive self affirming statements to bring meaningful changes in your life as well as to build confidence within yourself.

Inner Child Meditation

If you experienced neglect, trauma, or other emotional pain in your childhood, you may have buried this pain deep to hide it and protect yourself — both your present self and the child you once were. Hiding pain doesn’t heal it.

Art Therapy

At We Positive Parenting, we understand the importance of having fun through different forms of art while using it to address and understand some concerns that you may have been experiencing.

Mindfulness Therapy

Through this therapy, we focus on increasing your awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that hinder your progress. When you are better able to do that, you can choose how to respond to any situation or challenges.

Our Simplified Process of Accessing Help

At We Positive Parenting, we understand that your challenges are unique to your experience, your home environment as well as your personal history with your family. Hence, we offer you unconditional support through our customized one-to-one sessions and
various alternative therapies. Below is a brief idea of what seeking help at We Positive Parenting looks like:

We generally prefer to have atleast 5 sessions with you to see some kind of change and results. We believe that it is a process and it takes consistency and practice to get any kind of long term results. We also tend to include children and other family members in the process, if necessary so as to provide you with personalized solution strategies for the concerns unique to your family.

Every consequent session begins with a recap of what we spoke in the previous session as well as your experience of trying our suggestions and the challenges faced by you. Then focus is on building upon the insights and brainstorming creative, customized suggestions for you to practice and try in your families.

  1. Initial Contact through Call, Whatsapp, Social media
  2. Intake session – Understanding the Unique Problems being faced by Your Family
  3. Identifying Your Challenge Areas through Specific Questions
  4. Communicating Our Understanding of Your Concerns
  5. Goal Setting by Prioritizing Your Pressing
  6. Building Your Awareness through Encouraging Reflection
  7. Resource Building – Utilizing Your family’s Strengths as well as Providing a New Set of Tools
  8. Giving Homework in Between the Sessions pertaining to the concern discussed in the session
  9. Sending Follow Up Email with Suggestions and Reminders for Your Daily Practice