Access our safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to share your concerns

In the society that we’re living in, different forms of sexuality are still not completely understood and accepted. We understand that this might lead to really embarrassing and unsafe experiences for you and your partner. We prioritize creating a safe and non-judgemental environment for you to share your innermost struggles. Everything that you share will be kept confidential, and our experts are trained to understand the nature of your unique challenges.


Establish honest and open communication

Your children may have questions, doubts, confusions while growing up and may take time to understand their family structure, which may look different from the general notion of family structure in a country that still dominantly believes in heteronormative. It’s important to create a loving, communicative channel for your child to help them feel closer to you as well as feel more secure and content in the family system that you’ve created.


Get unconditional support in navigating personal as well as societal challenges

Queer parents unfortunately and unfairly don’t get to experience parenthood like other heteronomous parents. They go through many problems every day, from their parents not accepting and talking to them to people in their office treating them like an outcast or just not getting a job because of what they identify themselves as. At we positive, we listen, navigate and support queer parents and make them feel heard and understood.

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