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Discover your Parental Instincts, deal with insecurities and manage stress, easily!


It is often said that ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’. Well, no phrase can be more suitable for a couple with baby on-board. When you are about to become a parent, there is a lot to take care of. You need to plan for the baby financially, take care of your health, ensure that your baby has everything right from day one and manage family expectations, on top of all.

Our Prenatal concept gives you a chance to relax, rediscover and cherish the feeling of becoming a parent. We guide you on various aspects associated with pregnancy, the care you need to take and how to deal with the changed lifestyle, once the baby is delivered.

At We Positive, we believe that no woman or man has the qualities one needs to be a natural parent. Instead, one needs to nurture those qualities, discover his/her instincts and prepare for becoming a father/mother.

We guide a mother on how to deal with hormonal turmoil, cope up with additional responsibilities and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, your partner and the child.

For the father, our concept enables you to deal with the added responsibility of nurturing another soul and at the same time become more supportive and understanding.

With years of experience in parenting and promoting a positive lifestyle, we help you address increasing stress and overwhelming anxiety, sense of inadequacy and fear of dealing with expectations. We help you discover balance between your personal needs and what’s expected of you in light of the new personality as a mother/father. Ultimately, our goal is to help you transition into your new identity as a parent.

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