Light up your Christmas Dinner menu

What’s the best part about Christmas? Yes, it’s the christmas tree, decorating, gifts etc.. but what really excites us? It’s the dinner menu! The festival of magic is known for cooking together as a family. Cooking every members favorite food is a staple tradition on Christmas

A lot of planning goes into planning the day because there are so many things to do! Decorating the Christmas tree, cleaning the house, wrapping presents and then working on the family’s dinner – pheow, it looks exhausting. From appetizers to main course to desserts – it’s a lot of hard-work. Don’t sweat, we are here giving you a few family dishes which are easy to make and tasty to eat.

Plum Cake

The most common fruitcake which is found in every home on Christmas is a ‘plum cake’. Made with dry fruits and chocolate, it’s a dessert for the family to enjoy!

Christmas Cookie

What is Christmas without cookies! Made in butter, flour and sugar this dish is a perfect side dish for people. Not to forget that the process of making cookies is quite eventful too for a family

Paneer Masala

One of our all time favourites – Paneer Masala is a household name in every Indian family. A bright orange-colored smooth, creamy & light buttery flavored North Indian fare, is one of the most popular main course food items in Indian restaurants. Rich and vibrant in taste which makes your taste-buds bounce, it’s okay to drool just thinking about it.
Being quick and easy, Paneer Masala is perfect for parties or treating your family once in a while.

Butter Chicken

Delicious restaurant style Butter Chicken is a non-vegetarian’s delight. Not too spicy, not too sweet, the perfect balance of this dish is what makes it so popular. Not to forget, the sumptuous butter chicken. Here’s a pro-tip, marinate the chicken in the ginger, garlic, yogurt, and tandoori masala. Thank us later.

Malai Kofta

Takes time to prepare but it’s absolutely worth it. Creamy paneer dipped with cheese and mashed potatoes is the ideal dish if you have vegetarians at your Christmas dinner table.
Now that your favorite time of the year is finally here, don’t squander it! Make the most of your holiday season with your family and loved ones. The cool winter with the anticipation of the new year is what makes the Christmas vibe so warm and exciting.

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