Family bonding : Activities to do during the winters

Family bonding : Activities to do during the winters

Winters bring in the warmth, cozy and comfort. Coiling up into those blankets or talking walks in your hoodie, winters brings out another version of snug in all of us. This time could be tiring for parents since the kids are at home, lazing away into tomorrow. Keeping them active during this time is something every parent should ponder upon. What are those activities? Let’s find out!

It is important to get their mind and body going during winters. The activities should be planned in such a way that kids are exercising their physical and mental self.

1. Build a fort

Set up your kingdom! Make it fun by using cardboard boxes, pillows and cushions to make fun and exciting. The warriors need to fight their way through imaginary creatures to reclaim the throne

2. Carrom night

Nothing beats a classic game of carrom. With every member playing for themselves, let the battle commence for reclaiming the queen! A cozy winter night is an ideal setting to host your carrom night.

3. Movie marathon

Another activity straight from the locker room – Movie marathons are the perfect family activity which involves watching a funny movie and indulging is some freshly made home snacks. Pick one night and have a movie marathon, trust us, you will not be disappointed.

4. Book reading

This could be if your child wants to spend time alone and read books of his or her choice. Doing it as a storytelling activity is an extremely engaging and satisfying activity for the child.

Such family activities not only make the home-environment positive but also, it develops the parent-child relationship. How are such activities beneficial? Have a look below!

  • Being closely knit to the family reduces the chances of the kid to get into dangerous activities. Kids perform well in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities by simply spending quality time with their parents because it improves their emotional and physical well-being
  • When families take the time to participate in meaningful activities together, behavioral problems decrease. Children are less likely to act out, particularly in a violent manner. Everyone has a plan and teamwork brings it to life. Kids learn the benefits of being part of a team and making a dream
  • It’s true that family activities together reduces the stress hormones in a child which releases serotonin, resulting in an elevated and happy mood
  • Non judgement is practiced when the family does things together. It plays a very important role in developing the psyche of the child. A caring, nurturing and helpful environment benefits the child in curating self-confidence and acceptance.

The above activities will also help to boost immunity of your children during winters. Besides fun games, keep healthy fun foods including delicious salads, fruits and soups so that the unhealthy snacks are kept down. Winters are dull and lazy but with innovative ways to keep your children active, the season could also turn into a memorable one!