Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It’s that time of the year where families coil together and decorate Christmas trees, get presents for the young ones, parents pretend to be Santa Claus and make ‘all wishes come true’. Christmas Day is one of those days which kids really look forward to! It’s not just for the gifts, but because there’s just something magical in the air for a child on Christmas day that’s hard to explain. For children, Christmas means a day of magic where Santa miraculously gives gifts and fulfills wishes.

This day means so much to kids that if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, they really succumb to sadness and heartbreak. With a few cautious steps and willingness, parents can really make this day special for their kids which can have a long-lasting impact in their lives. How do you do that? Read below!

1. Plan a treasure hunt in the house

Start their morning with excitement by hiding the bigger gifts. Give them cues that leads to the gifts. This keeps their brain sharp and active throughout the day! Not to forget, it’s a hack to sip your morning tea in peace

2. Decorate the tree together

Decorating the Christmas tree together is a family tradition during Christmas. Children always help decorate the tree and are encouraged to add their own touch and style to it. From fairy lights to the Christmas star, the family sits together and makes it the prettiest tree in the whole world. At the end of the day what matters is the memories and priceless moments created through the entire process. The feeling of oneness solidifies this entire process.

3. Cook their favorite food

They say that happiness could be found through the stomach and we don’t deny that. Preparing their favorite dishes is one way to sign off on their eventful day. If you want to make it more interesting, invite them to take part in the Christmas cooking! It’s always a good family activity plus, what’s the fun if there is no mess in the kitchen.

Santa’s visit

4. Leave evidences of Santa’s visit

Go the extra mile to make their fantasies come true. There’s no better feeling than seeing those bright little smiles once they know Santa did visit them. Small notes here and there, cookie crumbs and an empty glass of milk indicating Santa ate them, Santa’s hat or glove “accidentally” left behind etc are the few ways to make kids believe that fantasies are true.

Family activities done together develops utmost trust and love amongst the members. Here are the few benefits of having the entire family staying closely knit together.

1. Strengthened Family bond

Spending time together results in a greater emotional bond within the family. Playing a board game, watching television, gardening, or playing outdoors is more convenient as compared to taking a vacation or planning a trip to the amusement park in terms of time, investment and planning. Making it a habit to display interest in the well-being of family members leads to a willingness to share problems and build mutual respect between parents and children.

2. Developing Communication Skills

They become what they see. Children learn how to behave and communicate by watching their parents interact with each other and others. Family bonding time is a way to cultivate expected behaviors, and spending time together as a family can help parents level with their kids and understand their plight from their perspective.

3. Curate everlasting memories

What’s the most important aspect of spending quality family time? To make memories which last forever. Such moments nurture the kid with love, honesty, care and gratitude. Something as simple as watching a movie together or playing carrom, such activities keep the family together and builds a sense of togetherness.

Christmas is a period to spend extra time with the family, show love and generosity and make happy memories. While not always easy, the festival is also one of the extra duties, work, and often, stress. That extra time and love we lavish on our children are important to their understanding and enjoyment of Christmas.