Father Figure: A dad’s role in Positive Parenting

Father Figure: A dad’s role in Positive Parenting

Every time we talk about positive parenting, naturally we paint an image of a loving mother with her child. But the presence and role of a father is equally important as that of a mother in effective, positive parenting of a child.

Today, we’re going to explore and tell you more about the role of a father in positive parenting, how it affects the child while growing up, and tips to be a great father to your child.

Effective and Open Communication

The way fathers communicate with their children are very different from mothers. While mothers may have a caring, loving tone in their communications, fathers are usually more straightforward, practical and to-the-point in their conversations.

But when it comes to positive parenting, both the parents have an equal responsibility in having a trusted, open channel of communication with their children, which is only possible if the level of interactions is more frank and less disciplinarian.  Start early, talk to your children about things apart from their studies, like what do they play with friends, which TV shows they like, why do they dislike certain food items, etc. They might seem very minor, harmless topics to discuss, but they are the building blocks of a strong bond between a father and a child.

Because when children develop a trustworthy and not a fearful relationship with their fathers, they’d be more open in communicating about the bigger problems and challenges they might face in the future and won’t shy away in seeking help when needed.

Being The Role Model

Children always imitate their parents. They look up to them and want to follow their footsteps to be like them. And usually, it puts a little extra pressure on the fathers, because for every child, their father is their first hero. One of the important aspects of positive parenting is to be the person with your child, that you want him/her to become while growing up.

So it is important that as a father, you must be watchful of your actions everywhere, especially when in the company of your child. Avoid practising or indulging in activities of addiction like smoking, drinking, etc. in the presence of your child.

Secondly, be very mindful of the words you speak in front of your child. Because when your child sees you converse respectfully with your mother, friends, colleagues, elders, they learn to do the same. Similarly, if they observe you losing your cool regularly and using cuss words, your children might find it normal and would start putting the same into practice.

Being Available for the family

In major households around the world, fathers are considered to helm the main responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family and hence he is most of the time away at his work. But times are changing and we’re seeing families where both parents either work outside or in some cases, from their homes. So now it’s not just mothers who’re the go-to trouble-shooters for their kids. Fathers too have to be involved in their lives to ensure their child gets equal attention, love and care from both the parents.

It is not tough. Simple acts like being there with the family for at least two meals together like breakfast and dinner, attending your child’s school games or performances regularly, attending the parent-teacher meetings with the mother, will never make the child miss the presence of their father.

It is important to understand that for a child, a father’s opinion matters a lot. So when the children see you as a father taking interest in their lives, they’d feel confident to approach you for advice and feedback even in their toughest situations, which normally they avoid and either try to solve it themselves or approach mothers.

Follow these simple tips in your everyday life as a father, and you will see a great deal of change in the way your relationship with your child shape up. And if you feel like you need to understand the role of a father in positive parenting in a deeper and deconstructed manner, feel free to get in touch with us. Follow us on our social media pages We Positive Parenting (Facebook) & @WePositiveParenting (Instagram) for regular parenting tips, updates on LIVE sessions and informative posts.