Preparing yourself for your bundle of joy as a young couple

Preparing yourself for your bundle of joy as a young couple

Everyone wishes to be a parent someday, and we all think about how and what are we going to do once we have our little bundle of joy born. But it is not as easy as it seems or as it is shown in television commercials.

Parenting, especially in today’s day and age comes with its own set of joys, benefits and challenges. And if you are a young couple who are planning to, or are on the way to become parents for the first time, here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for the birth and being a positive parent to your child.

Make a plan

A plan for anything and everything has only made life easier. Then why not have one for one of the most important turning point in your life. Once you and your partner have decided to have a child, you must sit down and list out the challenges you might face as a mother, father individually and as a couple together. Work out solutions for the issues, like how long the maternity leave should be, if the father gets paternity leave, which hospital/gynaecologist to visit before and after childbirth, if you have enough savings to meet the immediate expenses that comes after childbirth, etc.

A well thought out pregnancy plan will reduce the anxiety surrounding childbirth and will give you opportunities to explore and enjoy the joy of being a new parent.

Prepare yourself, physically and mentally

Parenting is not your usual 9 to 5 job, nor is it a freelance gig where you work whenever or wherever you want. It is a full-time responsibility where you cannot falter. Hence it is important for the you are parents to start preparing yourself mentally and physically even before the arrival of the child.

For mothers, you must ensure that you have a nutritious diet regularly, since you’re not only feeding and nourishing yourself, but your baby too. Secondly, it is important to do some basic exercises to build strength, endurance power and muscle strength, if you’re planning for a normal delivery. And the most important, avoid being in stressful situations or environment, as your anxiety can affect your physical wellness too, which in turn will affect the baby’s health

For fathers too, mental health and physical wellness is equally important, since you’ll be managing multiple expectations from your partner, your family, your work, etc. Instead of trying to finish off multiple tasks at once, plan to take it easy, one task at a time. A checklist would help. Spend quality time with your partner with some relaxing activities like doing yoga together, or watching a movie together. It helps you calm your frayed nerves.

Educate yourself, as much as you can

The birth of your child is the most important milestone your life. And you must ensure that it is a beautiful memory to cherish forever. And to make that happen, you must do things right, by learning and unlearning everyday about becoming parents and childcare.

While the internet is rich with information from experts about every aspect of childbirth and becoming parents, never shy away from asking questions. The more you know, the better you’d be as a parent. Research and understand the kind of vaccinations needed to be given to your baby after its birth, steps to deal with post-partum depression, various financial tools to help you save and meet immediate and future expenses, and the kind of doctors and experts you could consult to make your life a little easier as a young, new parent.

Reflect on your experiences as a child

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for your child is to reflect on your experiences as kid yourself. It was an age before the internet boom and our parents yet managed to handle everything on their own. Look back and assess what would and what you wouldn’t do as a parent in the various situations you’ll go through. In fact, if you feel like there is some kind of trauma or childhood experience troubling you mentally, you shouldn’t hold back from seeing a mental health professional before the birth of your child.

Keep the above points in mind if you’re a young, new couple thinking of having a child. If you need further help in understanding parenthood right from the time you plan for a baby, get in touch with our Parenting Experts at We Positive Parenting. Follow us on social media @WePositiveParenting for tips and our LIVE sessions with experts online.